Como takes cycle safety seriously | Como

Como takes cycle safety seriously

Concern has mounted in recent years at the increasing number of fatal accidents involving cyclists, caused by construction site vehicles. As a construction business Como has implemented a number of measures on all its sites to reduce the risk to cyclists and improve safety across its projects.

The Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) investigated the reasons for so many accidents involving cyclists and construction vehicles. Having reviewed the TRL report, Como has adopted a number of the recommendations on all projects and they include:

  •  Reviewing and assessing risks to cycles and implementing a mitigation plan on all Como projects.
  •  Reviewing delivery arrangements on every project, including time slots and use of holding bays to improve delivery management
  •  Implementing a cycle awareness training for all Como employees who cycle to and from work as well as those who cycle during their working day

Como is also working with its supply chain to ensure their cooperation in making sites safer for cyclists and they are required to:

  •  Have FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme) Bronze standard or the equivalent for all vehicles above 3.5 tonnes.  Anyone who does not adhere to this will be turned away from site.
  •  Ensure all subcontractor employees who cycle to and from work have commenced cycle awareness training.
  •  Be able to demonstrate that any subcontractors using vehicles above 3.5 tonnes delivering to Como sites, are working towards achieving FORS Silver Standard.

Ian Purchon, Como Construction director said: "Cycle safety in construction is a serious issue and Como is doing all it can to make our sites as safe as possible and to minimise any potential risks. We look forward to working with our employees and our supply chain to achieve this."