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Como MD joins BCO panel to debate innovation

  • Steve Root on the panel at BCO's 2013 Annual Conference in Madrid.

The British Council for Offices (BCO) annual conference took place this year in Madrid. Themed ‘A Brave New World’, the conference was attended by many leading figures from across the property industry. 

Como’s managing director, Steve Root joined Jack Pringle of Pringle Brandon Perkins + Will, Helen Hare of Great Portland Estates and Nick Searl of Argent on a panel on the last day which debated the topic ‘Innovation in Austerity’.   

Jack Pringle chaired the debate and spoke about iconic projects such as Broadgate, Phase 2 built in 1897 and LUL’s Canary Wharf fit out in 1993. These projects were carried out in record time and Jack posed the question why the innovation implemented on those projects to achieve the result isn’t seen more on today’s projects. Jack spoke about some of the possible solutions being to work more as a collaborative team, to get all parties involved much earlier in the process, enabling early problem solving, high tech design to build such as BIM and mature procurement. 

Helen Hare spoke about BIM and how Great Portland Estates is encouraging designers and contractors to make use of it. Nick Searl gave interesting observations from a client perspective. He believes that to be innovative, ideas need to be transformative, dynamic, involve the community and be sustainable. 

Steve Root looked at what aspects made it possible for projects to be so innovative in the nineties and early 2000 and compared it with projects of today.  His conclusion was that to offer best value to clients, the three main elements of time, quality and cost had to be given equal importance. He echoed what Jack said about better collaboration and better procurement being the key to achieving the right balance between these elements and ultimately a better solution for clients. 

Steve Root said: "The BCO annual conference is always a great event to attend. With many of the leaders in the property industry gathered together, there is always an interesting level of debate. This session on ‘Innovation in Austerity’ was no exception as a topic close to my heart, I was delighted to be asked to join the panel to give a view."